Battery Safety Organization
BATSO General Meeting 2014
2014-10-01 (Angela Budde)

The next General meeting of the Battery Safety Organization BATSO e.V. will take place on
October 6, 2014, at Cologne, Germany after the fair INTERMOT (at the Campus of  TUV Rheinland). On October 7 experts will discuss the technical details about the future standardization for battery applications in stationary energy storage systems(morning session) as well as in the area of aviation (afternoon session).

BATSO General Meeting 2014

The extension of the battery safety requirements to stationary Lithium batteries was one of the last new activity in 2014.

And the BATSO 01 standard with the LEV battery requirements is on the way to get European EN standard.
Internationally the interest into the standardization of Battery requirements into practical and useful battery standards is increasing by companies, industry & consumer associations and it is one of the main focus of the Battery Safety Organization.
The General meeting on October 6 takes place in two parts;
1) Informative meeting which is public and which gives an overview about
the market and standardization of battery requirements (morning session)
2) Formal meeting, only for members of the Battery Safety Organization
Interested parties are welcome to the morning session and the opportunity for participating the formal meeting in the afternoon is given by submitting a membership application.

For organizational reasons and limited space please contact in time for an official invitation.

Text: Stephan Scheuer

Picture: BATSO e.V.

1 October 2014

Last update: 2 Otober 2014